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The 2014-2015 school year marks is my 29th year of teaching language arts/journalism and advising student publications. My class responsibilities include advising lhsimage.com (the online newspaper), the Image (newspaper), the Legend (yearbook) and the Digital Media staff. In addition, I teach Writing and Reporting and Design & Desktop Publishing. I have a bachelor's degree in English and journalism from Eastern Illinois University and a master's degree in Educational Processes from Maryville University. I have also earned Master Journalism Educator status from the Journalism Education Association. I am currently serving as the JEA's National Write-Off Chair. I am married to a St. Louis County firefighter and have three sons: Jordan (18), Austin (14) and Blake (14), who all attend Rockwood schools.

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Mrs. Nancy Y. Smith
Lafayette High School
Wildwood, MO 63011
Phone: (636) 733-4118

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If you are looking for information about newspaper or yearbook visit: http://www.lhsimage.com